1. Kaitlin Boger Lookbook Cover


  2. Mustache


  3. WAR IS OVER! / A Very Excited Sabrine


  4. Future House


  5. Artwork in Shapp Exhibit


  6. Photo Department Selfie


  7. Halo

    In modern times the portrait has become integrated into all aspects of our lives, existing as a constant identifier for our person. They are found on our phones, our identification materials, and in social media as a representation of who we are. While giving an accurate example of our physical appearance at that moment they fail to create a description of how we are as people, instead relying on how we present ourselves to convey certain truths. In Halo, the creation and function of a portrait is challenged to examine whether a portrait can embody more than the aesthetical, and give an accurate description of the subject as a person. 


  8. Stem


  9. Super excited Sabrine


  10. Sneak Peek